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Where do you begin?

Where do you begin?

Here you are beginning your journey as you set out looking for your first job in pharma…

Since you do not yet have experience in the industry, your overall understanding of the industry and how it works is not totally clear. Maybe you’ve networked a bit and asked people to share their insights or advice, however second-hand knowledge is never going to give you the clarity that is needed to fully understand what you are up against.

You know what you are looking for, but the path forward resembles a dark, foggy maze, and you are without a light...

You could spend days, weeks, or months wandering around this maze looking for what you know is at the end. Some can find the end on their own.

But most do not. It is not as intuitive as you might think- there is no simple way to get to the end of this maze and you can find yourself making no progress as you repeat the same mistakes, encounter the same dead ends, and waste all sorts of time, money, and mental health.

Soon you start doubting yourself.

‘Why did I ever enter this maze to begin with? Do I have what it takes to get myself to the end of it? Why don’t I just up and quit!’

Suddenly you look up and you see something bright through the fog.

It’s a light…and it is coming closer to you. As it slowly approaches you start making out a silhouette of a man carrying a lantern.

He comes up to you and you can now make out the details of how he looks. A brawny, weathered man with a graying beard carrying a lantern and a compass.

He says to you ‘I know every corner of this maze. Every trick, every dead-end, every false navigator pretending to help. I’ve seen many like you try to find their way out of it on their own. I’ve helped many people reach the end of it. At the same time, there have been many who denied my help. Most give up. Some do make it out, although just barely. And only after looking for much longer than they needed to.’

‘This maze is unlike what you have ever seen before, and you will not be able to navigate it alone. Follow me, and let me guide you on your way out’

What do you do?



Published date

May 24, 2022