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About us

Your Trusted Partner in Medical Excellence

We enable actionable Medical Insights and qualitative metrics for the life sciences industry through innovative software tools and skill development.

Our Core Values

We are a startup company guided by core principles and values that are incorporated into everything we do.

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We know the importance of partnering with those who stick to what they say and are consistent in quality and performance.


Our team is guided by ownership of results, good and bad. We are committed to always improving and providing ever-improving products.


We are guided by honesty and truthfulness, which is integrated into all of our conversations, products, and teammates.


At PharmAccelerator, security isn't just about data; it's also the assurance of a lasting partnership built on stability and trustworthiness.

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Nick’s Story

After his “hero” experienced a fatal medication error, he was committed to becoming a pharmacist to prevent others from experiencing the same.

After completing a post-graduate residency, Nicolas started his career as a hospital-based internal medicine clinical pharmacist. This provided a robust professional foundation and fulfilling experiences while rounding with physicians and working face-to-face with patients.

With a thorough understanding of institution-based medicine, he transitioned into the Medical Science Liaison role in the Infectious Diseases therapeutic area, where he gained 10 years of experience between 2 companies.

A gap in the industry…

Due to his thorough understanding of the role, Nick noticed a gap in potential that was yet to be filled. As companies began asking for qualitative metrics and Medical Insights more often, there was no way to fully address this request.

PharmAccelerator was created at first to train prospective MSLs in a business intelligence approach toward providing Medical Insights to their company.

However, such complex information cannot be addressed by training alone. As a result, software development began to complement training. These two products combined provide the most complete solution to what companies are asking of MSLs.

Assembling a winning team…

Always valuing the art of networking, Nick had formed friendships and connections with world-class professionals over the years. Knowing this idea would not flourish on its own, a strong team of experts was needed to accelerate the process.

As PharmAccelerator matured, Tim Spell joined the team as a board member, bringing valuable technology startup and scaling experience to the company.

Samuel Edwin joined the team as Chief Technology Officer and currently leads a team of three developers, bringing technical software and product design expertise to the organization.

Together, we are bringing the highest quality products that yield the highest quality medical insights to the life sciences industry.

Navigating the Medical Landscape through AI and Machine Learning

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Nicolas Georgiades

Chief Executive Officer

Formerly a Clinical Pharmacist, Nicolas has 10 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a Medical Science Liaison in the Infectious Diseases therapeutic area.

After recognizing an industry-wide difficulty in displaying the value of the MSL role, he sought to address this through skills and software tools.

He enjoys cooking, learning about history and antiquity, and training in martial arts.

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Samuel Edwin

Chief Technology Officer

Samuel is the Chief Technology Officer of the company, bringing with him over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He has been involved in the development of various mobile app and web app projects and is a seasoned expert in the field.

Leading a team of 3 developers, Samuel's leadership ensures the company’s technology strategy is in good hands, and his expertise is invaluable to the team.

Luis Mendoza

Senior Developer
AI and CRM Integration

With over a decade of experience, Luis has established himself as a Fullstack Developer. His expertise extends to areas such as cybersecurity, system integration, artificial intelligence models, and web scraping.

This skillset enables Luis to approach projects with a comprehensive understanding, delivering robust, secure, and innovative solutions.

Timothy image

Timothy Spell

Board Member

With a successful background in software startups, Tim’s focus is on strategic direction, marketing, and sales. His natural abilities include breaking down complex technical information for non-technical individuals.

He is an avid rower and competes across the country with the Potomac Boat Club.