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ENABLE STRATEGIC communications and qualitative field medical outcomes

Optimize your Medical Insight processes and create qualitative KPIs through standalone or CRM-integrated Medical Affairs software solutions and Medical Affairs skill development.

Your Medical Excellence Partner

Your Medical Excellence Partner

PharmAccelerator was founded by a Medical Science Liaison to address gaps within Medical Affairs throughout the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, and related industries. We enhance qualitative MSL-HCP outcomes through customized skill development and software tools that centralize your insights for informed decision-making, streamlined communications, and qualitative Key Performance Indcators.

Medical Affairs Software Tools

Discover PharmAccelerator's suite of tools that helps Medical, Clinical, and Commercial departments streamline communications and workflows, automate tasks, and generate high-quality medical insights that are easily reported and disseminated to internal stakeholders.

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Field Medical Insights

Efficiently gather, input, organize, and report medical insights and easily disseminate them to strategy-setting internal stakeholders.

Congress Medical Insight Report

Incorporate medical insights and competitive intelligence into a post-congress report in minutes, ready for internal dissemination.

Virtual Advisory Board

Host virtual insights-based advisory boards and measure before-and-after or perpetual perceptions from external stakeholders.

MSL Impact Profile

Designed as a Medical Science Liaison Software feature that focuses on team impact. In-platform MSL KPI tool results in a turn-key approached towards implementing qualitative metrics.

Skill Development for Medical Affairs

PharmAccelerator's advanced MSL training is powered by a unique approach that factors in the diverse types and associated values of information and equips teams and candidates with the knowledge and skills they need to gather information most effectively.

Medical Excellence Workshop

Partner with us for your team to learn the different types and values of information, as well as understand what makes Medical Insights unique. We develop a custom curriculum and equip teams with the skills needed to have high-quality medical insights, advance Medical Affairs strategy, and drive qualitative outcomes.

MSL Candidate Training 

Power up your Medical Affairs career with professional brand development (LinkedIn, resume, networking training) and interview preparation.

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