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The Upward Spiral

You continue gazing up at this bright, blurry object as you notice a new group of people rise up towards it, indicating they’ve reached the end of their maze. The guide is right beside you as you ask him what exactly this phenomenon is…

“Thats the upward spiral” he says matter-of-factly

“Ok….” you reply

He goes on, “See those people rising up towards it? Notice they are in a group, and they’re rising in an organized way, together, and FAST. Sometimes you’ll see one individual find the spiral, but they’re tossing all about as they rise, and they are damn near exhausted by the time they find it.”

Your face tells the guide that you clearly are not quite understanding what he is saying, so he continues…

“I know that group: They are now ascending that bright object with my help…

…they started off exactly like you- looking for the end of this puzzle. They were once strangers, and now they are teammates…

…this group went through the entire maze together. They joined forces to quickly solve all the mazes’ riddles; they had each other’s back when somebody was met with defeat; they learned together; built each other up; and navigated this maze faster than any one of them would have done on their own”

“But what is this Upward Spiral?”

He goes on, “You know that feeling when you first found yourself in this maze, confused, disoriented, defeated. Many in that situation eventually find themselves spiraling downward into despair, or worse.

The Upward Spiral is the Exact Opposite of that.

It is what you experience when you start with one big victory. If you stick to working hard through that victory, your next major victory comes quicker than the first, your third even quicker. Pretty soon, you’ll notice your victories becoming not only faster, but they are easier to attain. And they are much LARGER than your initial ‘major’ victories.

That’s the Upward Spiral.”

The expression on your face looks like a cross between intrigue and eureka.

You ask, “Can I experience this Upward Spiral?”

“Yes.” he replies. But do you want it?

“I do. How do I get there?”

He replies:

“Follow me. We must start right away”



Published date

July 20, 2022