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The Second Path

The Second Path

You have met the guide in the maze that you find yourself in, and you have seen what might happen if you do not accept his help...

Let’s find out what happens when you recognize his trustworthiness and the value that he brings to your journey…

This brawny, middle-aged man with a graying beard is the guide you encountered at the beginning of your journey in this maze. He is carrying a lantern and compass and he tells you that he will help you navigate to the end of your journey.

But you’ve already met a camper who you can not trust. So why should you trust this guide? It is understandable why you would ask that…

‘There is no need to take my word for it. Why don’t you speak with those who have already benefitted from my guidance and see what they have to say?’

Through the thick fog you start seeing a few people approaching. They are all carrying themselves with confidence; they are happy and smiling; they have an aura to them that is almost magnetic, as if you feel at ease just by being surrounded by them.

You realize that they have achieved exactly what you are looking for in this maze. Some were searching for many months before accepting the guide’s help. Only after doing so did they find the end of the maze. Others say they too were tricked by the camper, and was left alone before being helped by the guide. But all have the same outcome: they were able to find the end of the maze and they were all aided by the guide.

Not only that, but they have stayed with the guide to help him on his mission: to navigate as many people as possible through this maze.

They mention that this guide requires payment for his services, but the riches that they found at the end of the maze more than paid for his fee, and that it is worth saving the time, energy, and frustration from navigating on their own.

What they say is that it was THEM who found the end of the maze, but they would not have done so without the guide.

This comment intrigues you: ‘What is the purpose of the guide if I still need to find the end of the maze myself?’

‘I am glad you asked’ says the guide. If you accept my help, we shall begin immediately with the 3 lessons.

Curious about what he has to say, you accept his help.

‘Lesson one is: It is entirely within you to find the end of this maze



Published date

June 7, 2022