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The Guide Book

Now you know what the upward spiral is and that you are fully capable of reaching it….but how do you do it?

The guide offers to show you the way, and invites you to have a walk.

You move through the tall hedges and foggy air making several turns along the way. You are completely lost, but the guide seems to know exactly where you both are going. This puts you at ease as you are now trusting him to find the right path for you…

The guide brings you to a secret alcove. It is decorated with an eclectic mix of art, small objects, and unique furniture that fit naturally with the surrounding hedges and natural feel of the maze.

He gestures for you to stay put as he steps toward an antique trunk which you see him carefully open. He takes out a large book and turns towards you saying…

“This is for you to use. It contains all you need to know to reach the end of this maze and the Upward Spiral”

You look at this book as he hands it to you…you have no words as you try to figure out whether or not you are dreaming.

Because…it is glowing

And it is old…antique is not even the right word to describe it. This book looks to be ancient.

The guide see’s the confused look on your face and says…

The more you read, the more you will understand this maze and how to reach the end of it. This book contains all of the lessons that people like you have encountered on their journeys. Learn from them and you will soon find the end…
…and when you need help I’ll be there.”

That’s all he said. You have no time to reply as he slowly walks away and disappears into the fog.

So you find a comfortable place to sit in the alcove and begin reading…



Published date

August 11, 2022