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The Competitor, Part 1: The Queen’s Sacrifice

The Queen’s Sacrifice

The competitor had a long and happy journey lasting hundres of years before choosing to enter the maze. She was at the top of her expertise, but had grown to be so proficient in it that she was eager for more…as is the tendency for competitors.

Naturally, she entered the maze thinking that it would be self-navigable, as every other major challenge she had overcome in life had been exceeded with ease.

But perhaps for the first time, after entering this hazy maze, she found herself challenged in a way that had never been experience before. So she did the right thing in seeking help out of this maze through a “mentor.”

To her surprise, this “mentor’s” advice was to give up. He said “You’ve spent too long outside of this maze to find the end. Go back to what you excelled at and be happy being at the top of that.

Competitors don’t take that advice seriously.
Being at the top of one peak doesn’t mean there isn’t another, higher peak she wanted to ascend

So she continued on in the maze for over 30 years, never giving up, persisting, and displaying discipline and dedication despite defeat after defeat throughout the maze.

As it always does, this discipline and dedication paid off… she had found an opportunity to finally reach the end of the maze

Her innate wisdom knew that this one opportunity after over 3 decades meant that she had to make this opportunity work. It was her only chance…

Which meant she had to find a REAL mentor to guide her along. Lucky for her, she knew exactly who to go to, she she had met the Guide several years ago, and he asked her of nothing after getting to know her and letting her know of his abilities.

She asked, “I have an opportunity to finally reach the end of the maze after all these years. But time is of the essence. Can you still help me?”

The Guide responded “If we get started right away, you will successfully reach your goal”

So that’s what they did- they worked closely together knowing the trials and tribulations at the very end of the maze- the ones that matter most.

She was given the criteria to find her way out:
  1. Defeat a Grand Chess Master at his own game, and
  2. Survive the Interrogation meant to trick her at every point

Naturally, the guide knew of these tactics that the maze tests people with before allowing them to find the end.

He declared, “You have two choices”
  1. Play the chess game the “safe way” and risk being outwitted by his mastery
  2. Take the risky, yet unexpected approach- the competitive approach. You must sacrifice your Queen in order to win this game

Competitors take the competitive approach. Those more likely to take the “safe” option usually result in at least 3 more decades in the maze before finding their next opportunity to leave.

In a tense match between the Competitor and the Chess Master, the Competitor saw an opportunity 5 moves in advance. But in order to fulfill this move, she had to sacrifice her most important piece- the Queen.

That’s exactly what she did. It took the Chess Master completely by surprise.

Four moves later, she had him in Checkmate.

The competitor not only won the match, but equally important, she won the respect of the Chess Master and his colleagues, something which will play in her favor in the final step.

Now that the Guide had helped her through this first step, it was time to move on to Phase 2… The Interrogation



Published date

March 5, 2023