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Medical Science Liaison Loyalty: 3 Compelling Reasons to Stay in Your Current Role

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. The job can be demanding, and sometimes the temptation to jump ship and move to a new company can be enticing, especially as other companies are offering very compelling salaries. But is changing your position really the best choice? Here’s why MSL loyalty to one company may be more advantageous:

1) Seeing Your Work Completed Takes Time – Stay Put to Reap the Rewards

Although a product’s data seems to rapidly evolve, much of this has been in the work for several years before others are able to read or lay eyes of it. As a result, whether it is contributing to generating data, or completing some of the many other qualitative measurements of MSL performance, the truth is that seeing your work come to fruition often takes over 2 years. Longer time at one company allows you to have more complete accomplishments, keep better track of your accomplishments, understand the impacts of your research, and celebrate the successes that you’ve contributed to.

Sticking with a company ensures you are there to see the outcomes of your hard work and commitment. This, in turn, builds a deeper sense of fulfillment and drives you to achieve more.

2) Loyalty Begets Loyalty – Shape Your Future Opportunities

Being loyal to one company suggests a strong commitment, not just to your current role but to your career as a whole. This sends a clear message to future employers that you are someone who stands by their decisions and sees things through.

Increasingly, companies are looking for this kind of commitment. By demonstrating loyalty in your current role, you’re increasing your chances of being offered an even better position (often a promotion at your current company) when you are ready to make a change. In the competitive MSL field, this can be a game-changing advantage.

3) The Grass Isn’t Always Greener Elsewhere – Invest in Companies that Invest in YOU!

It’s easy to think that a new opportunity might offer more, but that’s not always the case. A company that has invested in their MSLs through training, education, and mentorship shows that they care about your success. If they took the time and money to train you, it’s a positive sign that you’re valued.

Your current company’s investment in your growth and development isn’t something that should be overlooked. Remember, the grass isn’t necessarily greener at a different company. Consider the benefits you have now and weigh them against the unknowns of a new position.


The role of a Medical Science Liaison is complex and multi-faceted. While new opportunities may seem attractive, there are strong reasons to maintain loyalty to your current company. Seeing your projects to completion, building a reputation for loyalty, and recognizing the investment your company has made in you are powerful reasons to stay put.

In the end, your career’s success is often defined not just by the moves you make but also by the commitments you keep. Evaluate your position carefully and recognize the value of loyalty, and you might find that your current role is indeed the best place for you.

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Published date

August 10, 2023