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How does PharmAccelerator work?

You already have enough to do when applying for new jobs. So don’t overload yourself with information…

PharmAccelerator focuses on resume drafting and the core skills that will benefit you during an interview so you get the job.

  • Learn how to bring out your best candidate by:
  • Creating an impressive resume
  • Developing and implementing your Professional Identity
  • Understanding the processes behind relationship building
  • Practice and Develop skills with:
  • Real-World Exercises incorporated into your daily life. A fun way to save time and practice valuable skills

There are two components of PharmAccelerator, the social media server, and video course.

  • Join our social media server to:
  • Expand your network
  • Gain access to exclusive resources
  • Exchange best practices
  • Level-up your candidacy while helping others do the same
  • Video course reveals how to ace your interviews by:
  • Creating and implementing your Professional Identity
  • Practicing fundamental skills using Real-World-Exercises


Published date

December 30, 2022