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Bringing Value Back: Qualitative vs Quantitative MSL Metrics

One of the largest and most significant questions being asked about the role of the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) is: how do you know they are providing the most value to your organization?

If you’re like many companies, you may be looking for news ways to show MSL team performance.

The MSL role is very subjective. This makes most quantitative metrics difficult to showcase the overall value brought by the team.

We know how to quantify scientific exchanges, but how do you measure the efficacy of them?

Many organizations do not have a good answer to this…

Qualitative metrics are gaining more traction than ever, which is a significant advancement in this role.

Despite this, there is still no good way to measure quality of interactions, and too many organizations are still focusing on quantitative metrics. There is simply little to no way of accurately or efficiency measuring efficacy of MSL/HCP interactions.

Not until now…

This program’s primary purpose is to empower prospective MSLs, new MSL hires, and your organization with a suite of products that is specifically designed to tackle this industry’s most significant challenge.

How do we do that? By tackling this challenge in multiple ways that nobody else in the industry offers.



Published date

May 3, 2023