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The Advanced MSL: How to add the most value to your organization

We have already reviewed the subjective nature of the Medical Science Liaison role and the associated difficulties of measuring their effectiveness. This post will begin providing a solution for this industry-wide constraint and show some of the ways an organization can benefit from a team of Advanced MSLs.

What is an Advanced MSL?

  • Fully trained with a clear understanding of the role and objectives set by the department and organization
  • Self-motivated, goal-oriented, and difficult to “break” when stressed or under pressure
  • Able to employ advanced skills and techniques which overcome the most significant difficulties associated with the role, such as:
  • Access to the difficult KOLs and HCPs by leveraging relationships, recognizing and taking advantage of rare opportunities, creating and executing a plan for engagement
  • Motivating HCPs to want to begin or continue working with and meeting the MSL
  • Recognizing insights from insignificance in real time while extracting the most value out of every interaction and bringing it back to the company
  • Well-liked and respected by stakeholders, internal and external.
Notice what is missing from this list: anything related to science or scientific exchange!

MSLs are all highly capable of understanding and interpreting science. What makes an MSL advanced is how to utilize other, nonscientific skills so that they have the opportunity to not only carry out scientific exchange, but also achieve the strategic goals and objectives of their departments and organizations.

What benefits do Advanced MSLs provide an organization?

  • Positive, compliant, and complimentary relationships with commercial colleagues
  • A competitive edge though accessing “inaccessible” HCPs and KOLs and generating the most accurate insights
  • Non-external-facing colleagues having the most updated and accurate understanding of what clinicians are saying about their product as well as the competition
  • Ex, what are the product’s data gaps and how do you fill them? What is an HCP thought process behind choosing your product over another (and vice-versa)?
  • A diverse pool of HCPs and KOLs for advisory boards, round tables, clinical trial sites, presentations/publications, and any other events and opportunities requiring HCP participation
  • Proof of quality relationships and interactions with HCPs through ongoing scientific exchange, longer interactions, more high-quality insights, and HCP participation in company initiatives

These are just some examples of what an Advanced MSL can bring to an organization. The good news is every MSL has the ability to provide this type of value to their team, department, and beyond.

The question becomes…how do they get there?



Published date

May 8, 2023